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Healing the whole family naturally through integrative holistic care



Welcome to our family holistic health center in Stamford, Connecticut.

Our center's therapists, doctors and practitioners have come together out of a shared passion to heal, educate and inspire families towards vibrant health naturally.

At our center we combine healing therapies with classes and workshops to make "getting healthy" fun and easy

Holistic health care looks at each person's body as a "whole" entity, accounting for all of its systems and how they work together. Our healing therapeutic services (Chiropractic, Massage, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Yoga, Cranio-sacral therapies and psycotherapies) work to balance and support all of the body's systems to reduce pain and /or symptoms while optimizing function and supporting optimal health and well being.

We offer several, ongoing, prenatal, and postpartum classes and workshops for healthy, fit, and comfortable pregnancies, easier labor and birthing, quick recovery and happy, healthy babies.

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Check out our hip & holistic mamas meet-up group for upcoming:

Prenatal yoga classesHypnobirthing classes, Pregnancy fitness workshops & Natural childcare classes




The Prenatal and Pediatric Holistic Health Center of Stamford was established by Dr. Elissa Diamond-
Fields, who during her 12 years of practice, noted that many of her pregnant patients were requesting
information and physical hands on chiropractic work to help them have achieve healthier and more
comfortable pregnancies and births. To further enhance her practice and diminish this void in holistic
prenatal healthcare Dr. Diamond has brought on several other licensed specialists in the prenatal/ postnatal
and pediatric holistic health fields. As a result the Prenatal and Pediatric Holistic Health Center of
Stamford now offers Pre and postnatal massage therapy, fertility massage, prenatal nutrition, acupuncture,
postnatal recovery/ fitness, and natural health & childbirth education classes.

We are dedicated to giving babies the very best start in life, by supporting optimal prenatal & postnatal

Health and fitness!




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